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My goal at National Identity Workshop is to educate the public about Identity Theft and Privacy/Asset Protection.  I have included basic information about identity theft and privacy/asset protection that everyone should know and basic precautions that everyone should exercise in protecting themselves.  All too often we assume that identity theft could not happen to us.  As a result we get lazy and inattentive to the threat that is around us every day.  I am trying to encourage everyone to understand the seriousness of the threat and the devastation that results from the unauthorized use of our private information.

My name is David.  I have been an attorney since 1989 and concentrate in bankruptcy and business law.  I live in a small town and the tendency is to assume that no one would be interested in our information  or even know that we exist.  However, I see people in my office nearly daily that have had their identity stolen.  Some have had their credit cards and debit cards used.  Some have had credit cards opened in their names.  Some have had their tax returns filed and their tax refund stolen.  Some have had student loans opened in their names.  The list goes on and on.  The thieves are online, lifting information from machines, store clerks are stealing your information when you purchase at the store, friends and relatives will steal from you as well, just to name a few.  And we all hear the daily news of large companies having their information hacked and compromised.

Therefore, the purpose of this site will be to help your awareness of the various methods and scams being used to steal identity and to help you develop a plan for protecting your personal and financial information.  I will do this by posting blogs that help you to stay current on the various schemes being used and the best methods for protecting your personal information.

Also, I will make recommendations on free and paid services that you can use to protect your identity, your privacy and your assets.  The recommendations will be based upon my research and/or use of products.  Please keep in mind that there is no perfect product out there to help protect your identity.  In fact, some have been sued by the government for guaranteeing that they are better than they are.  I will do my best to state the pros and cons of the products I recommend and why I think they are the best on the market.  If you have specific questions you would like me to answer, you can email me at the email address below.

Also, please keep in mind that for the paid products that I recommend, I will receive a commission for linking you through if you buy the product.  I certainly will appreciate you linking through my site to buy these products if you are inclined to purchase these products.  But, I want to make it clear that my ultimate goal is to help you protect your identity, privacy and assets, not only to make money off of you.  In other words, if given a choice of recommending a product that is a lesser product but pays me more commission, I can assure you I will only endorse the product I think is best, even if it pays less.

Please bookmark this site and follow it to stay current on the latest identity theft news.  I hope to get to know you better as we go along, and most importantly, I hope I can earn your trust as an open and honest site to help you protect yourself from the ravenous wolves out there trying to steal from you.


Founder of National Identity Workshop