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How To Stop Robocalls

Voice over Internet Protocol

How to Stop Robocalls. Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. FTC and FCC Regulations of Telemarketers. Are Robocalls Illegal? Are Robocalls a Scam? 5 reasons Robocalls are a problem for consumers. So, Back to the Question of How to Stop Robocalls. The FTC moves from Defense to Offense. 7 Things You Should Do if You… Read More

Can iphones be hacked? Can icloud be hacked?

Can iphones be hacked?  Can icloud be hacked?  Many people rely on the historic difficulty of hackers to compromise the iphone and icloud operating systems.  This makes these systems particularly immune to many current viruses and malware.  While I am sure that given enough time, hackers may come up with a way to hack these… Read More

Chip Based Credit Card

With more and more big retailers having their data bases hacked recently, like the big Target hack late last year, retailers and credit card providers are in discussion of how to address big retailers’ use and holding of personal information for millions of customers.  One of the biggest complaints is against the magnetic strips on… Read More