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Detailed Review of BackBlaze!



BackBlaze offers truly unlimited cloud storage of your critical data and a very low simple price. I make this recommendation solely because there are many who want a true continuous unlimited cloud storage, who do not need to sync or share files, are satisfied with uploading critical data via online back up, and for the cheapest price possible. The only problem I have with BackBlaze is that it does not offer multiple site storage for redundancy. This means that if, for some reason, BackBlaze was to have a catastrophic failure, your data could be lost. But, if you are following my disaster recovery plan for backing up data to multiple methods of storage at multiple locations, this is a very simple and inexpensive method of storing your data offsite.


Personal per Computer
Monthly – $5.00 per month auto-bill.

  • 1 Year – $50.00
  • 2 Years – $95.00

Business – To learn more about BackBlaze’s business options, go to

Features of BackBlaze:

True Unlimited Cloud Backup

  • Unlimited Data – BackBlaze places no limitation of the data that you can store in the cloud.
  • Unlimited File Size – BackBlaze places no limitation of the file size your can back up.
  • Unlimited File Types – BackBlaze places no limitation on the types of files you can back up.
  • Unlimited External Devices – BackBlaze places no limitation on the number of external devices you can add to your computer for back up.
  • Unlimited Speeds – BackBlaze places no limitation on the speed by which you can upload your critical data. You are only limited by the speed of your internet upload speed.

External Drive Backup – BackBlaze will back up the data on your computer and on any external drive attached to your computer.

Backup and Restore Anywhere – You can restore a file, a folder or all of your data for free online from any internet connection. If you wish to have BackBlaze load your information on a 3TB hard drive and ship it to you, they can do so for a fee.

Encrypted – BackBlaze uses state of the art encryption for both file transfer and file storage.

Personal Key – BackBlaze offers customers the option of setting a personal encryption key known only to the consumer.

No Java Software – BackBlaze does not use Java software because of its notoriety for being hackable.

Continuous Backup – BackBlaze offers continuous back up. Although you can pick and choose what you want backed up, you can set BackBlaze to upload all of your data and it will do so continuously. With unlimited storage, file size and file type, you can set BackBlaze to upload all of your data and will not have to worry if some of the files were not backed up because they exceeded file size or type.

Locate Lost Computer – BackBlaze has the ability to locate your lost or stolen computer.


I recommend BackBlaze because it offers the best cloud storage for the best price hands down. Its weakness is that it does not offer external hard drive upload of data, does not offer file sync or share, and does not offer multiple site redundancy. However, for those who are using this service as only one method of back up and have their own redundancy built into their disaster recovery plan, BackBlaze certainly offers the most bang for the buck.