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Detailed Review of iDrive!


IDrive Remote Backup


iDrive is my favorite site for cloud storage. It offers more services than any other provider. It allows for external hard drive upload to speed up your process and avoid the long time commitment to uploading data online. It has a simple pricing structure based upon the amount of storage you need and offers a truly free backup service of 5GB that never expires. You can backup multiple devices, you can sync, you can share, you can backup mobile devices and Facebook, and you have true archiving of old backups. It provides multiple redundant backup of your backups to protect your data from single point failure.

Finally, its pricing is very simple and practical. You pay based upon the amount of storage you use.  iDrive’s basic plan for consumers is from 300GB to 4TB of storage ranging from $37.12 per year to $374.62 per year, respectively.  And they allow you to upload and restore via external hard drive delivered from your door step to theirs, which is the fastest way to upload large amounts of data.


Free Version (Basic) – This is 5GB of free online cloud storage that never expires. For those who have less than 5GB of data to store, this may be a good option for them.
Pro Personal -
300 GB

  • 1 Year – $37.12
  • 2 Years – $74.25

1,000 GB

  • 1 Year – $112.12
  • 2 Years – $224.25

2,000 GB

  • 1 Year – $224.62
  • 2 Years – $449.25

4,000 GB

  • 1 Year – $374.62
  • 2 Years – $749.25

Business - To learn more about iDrive’s business options, CLICK HERE.

Features of iDrive:

  • Multiple Device Backup – iDrive allows you to back up data from multiple computers and mobile devices by downloading the app to each device and then logging into your account. iDrive will create a separate file for each computer to avoid data overlap between devices.
  • Online File Sync – You can activate the sync file on your computer that will allow you to work on files online from anywhere and the file changes will be applied to all of your computer and mobile devices.
  • Real Time Backup – iDrive provides Continuous Data Protection by backing up in real time all small files of 500MB or smaller. The larger files are backed up during the scheduled backup.
  • Share Anything - You can share your files over Facebook, Twitter and email from the web, your computer and your mobile device. You can password protect it and you can allow the viewer to edit or not.
  • Go Mobile – iDrive is unique in that it not only allows you to back up using your mobile devices, it will also back up the data on your mobile device. Go Mobile is cross-platform compatible meaning that you can take information from one platform and restore it on a different platform such as iPhone to Android.
  • Remote Manage – You can manage the backup of each of your devices by logging into your iDrive account from any web browser.
  • Facebook Backup – iDrive allows you to back up the data from your Facebook. This means that you will have all of your information backed up even if someone decides to un-friend you or block your access.
  • Retrieve Data – You can retrieve your data by choosing the backup file you wish to restore and clicking restore. You can also pay a separate charge to have the date backed up to a 3TB hard drive and delivered to you.
  • True Archiving – iDrive will retain your data up to 30 versions of the backup as long as you keep your account current.
  • Super Secure – iDrive uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is the industry standard to encrypt your data. iDrive also offers a personal, user defined encryption key that is known only by the user (better make sure you can securely store this since if you lose it, no one can provide it for you).
  • Stay Informed – iDrive keeps you informed through reports of your activity, backups and sharing.
  • IDrive Express – With Pro Personal, once a year for free you can download or retrieve your data via an iDrive 3 TB hard drive. Additional times will be $59.99 each. So, I can download 3 TB of data for free but if I want to retrieve it the same way within a year, I will have to pay $59.99.
  • IDrive Rewind – iDrive can restore an earlier version of a file batch at one time.


iDrive is my hands down favorite cloud storage. It offers every service you could possibly need, it offers all their services for each purchase plan, and it offers simple pricing based solely upon the amount of storage space used. The most important feature of iDrive for my purposes is the ability to save all of my data to an external hard drive and to send it to iDrive for them to upload it to their servers. This speeds up the process of uploading my critical data and does not keep my computer tied up for days, weeks or months uploading data to their servers. The only negative I can find with iDrive is that they only offer 1 and 2 year plans. You cannot pay monthly.

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IDrive Remote Backup