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Detailed Review of JustCloud!



JustCloud makes my recommendation list because of its use of Google Cloud Storage with geo-redundancy which stores your data at multiple locations around the world and because of its versatility of options to meet your needs. In recommending this service, I do give you the following caution. My biggest problem with JustCloud and the problem many consumers have with JustCloud is the method in which it markets its product.

When you pull up the JustCloud website, you cannot find the price anywhere on the site. It gives you features but does not explain that some of those features are only available by paying for an upgrade. It offers you a free 14 day trial with 15MB of storage. That is about enough space for about 10 photos.
Once you load the free trial version, JustCloud will give you three options to purchase cloud data storage at a 20% discount. These amounts are listed in the Price section below. However, if you click to close out of the offer, it will raise the discount to 35%, which is the maximum amount of discount JustCloud will offer. The plans are based upon 75 GB of storage, 250 GB of storage and unlimited storage.

Once you purchase a plan, you will immediately be presented with a list of upgrades that you can purchase for 50% off. It is difficult, however, to determine on short notice whether you need any of these upgrades or not.  And the options are not explained very well.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the service offered or the pricing structure of JustCloud. The problem I have is that JustCloud’s marketing method leaves people feeling like they have been lured in with a low price and then pressured into an upsale. For this reason, you will find a lot of negative reviews on JustCloud on the internet.

However, below, I fully explain the features and pricing of JustCloud so you can study it and know what to expect if you decide to purchase this service. In my opinion, JustCloud offers a very reliable cloud for storage and should be considered as one of your storage services. But, you should organize your critical data to see how much storage space you need and choose the level that best serves your needs. Then carefully scrutinize the upgrades to determine if you can really benefit from any of the upgrades. Once you have made these determinations, log onto the website and download the free trial version and then choose your plan and your options.


Free Trial – 14 days of 15MB of storage - This is free and for a limited time, but they will work very hard to sell you.
Home Version – 75GB Online Storage

  • 1 month – $6.95 per month = $6.95
  • 6 months – $5.95 per month = $35.70
  • 1 Year – $4.95 per month = $59.40
  • 2 Years – $4.49 per month = $107.76

Premium Version – 250 GB Online Storage

  • 1 month – $7.95 per month = $7.95
  • 6 months – $6.95 per month = $41.70
  • 1 Year – $5.95 per month = $71.40
  • 2 Years – $4.95 per month = $118.80

Unlimited Version – offers unlimited online storage with limitations of Fair Use. There is no limitation on the amount of storage you can use, but JustCloud monitors your usage to determine if it thinks you are using it for business storage purposes. If it concludes that you are using it for business purposes, JustCloud will limit your usage. In practice, this means that if you upload a large amount (e.g. 500 GB) in a short period of time, JustCloud may conclude you have violated their fair use restriction.

  • 1 month – $9.95 per month = $9.95
  • 6 months – $8.96 per month = $53.75
  • 1 Year – $7.95 per month = $95.40
  • 2 Years – $6.95 per month = $166.80

Business – To learn more about JustCloud’s business plan, click this link: JustCloud Business – Try it Today for FREE!

Standard Features of JustCloud

  • JustCloud supports Windows (including Windows 8), Mac and Linux
  • Automatic, Selected and Scheduled Backups – JustCloud allows you to back up your critical data automatically, by custom selection and by scheduled backup. I allowed JustCloud automatically to back up my desktop, documents and photos as a first backup. This was about 18 GB of data. My internet upload speed is a little less than 2 Mps and it took 23 hours for my computer to back up 18 GB of data. This is approximately 750 MB of data per hour.
  • Mobile Access – JustCloud allows you to browse, access and backup your files from any device from anywhere by internet. You can also back up your photos, memos and notes from you mobile devices. JustCloud supports iphone, ipad, Android, Blackberry, and Kindle Fire.
  • File Versioning – JustCloud will keep the latest 7 versions of backed up files. For an upgrade, you can keep every version for as long as your account is active.
  • Sync Computers and multiple devices – You can sync all of your computers via your sync file. You cannot backup from multiple devices without paying for additional licenses, but you can sync unlimited devices through your sync file, which is 1GB. Or you can upgrade the size of your sync file to 5GB, 10GB or 20GB.
  • File and Folder Sharing – You can share unlimited files and folders with friends and family by inviting them through email, Facebook, Twitter or by custom link email.
  • Drag and Drop – JustCloud allows you to drag and drop files for back up.
  • Geo-Redundant Storage – JustCloud stores all of your data at numerous locations around the world in 24 hour a day monitored facilities. These locations are kept secret to make hacking nearly impossible.
  • Lost Computer – JustCloud allows you to track hourly any lost laptop computer to aid in its recovery.
  • 24/7 Support - JustCloud offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week support.

Upgrade Features (for 1 year) The below costs are the 50% off prices offered at signup.

  • Supercharged Backups – $24.95 – This upgrade will allow upload speeds of up to 260 Mps. However, this feature is probably not necessary for the average consumer because their internet upload speed probably tops out at about 2Mps or less. This supercharge would only benefit someone who has upload capabilities of up to 260Mps.
  • Priority Support – $9.95 – This is a support service that gives you VIP service at the front of the line. Unless you expect to need support services very frequently, this is another service you may want to skip.
  • Hourly Backup- $19.95 – This feature will automatically back up changes to files within 1 hour. It will back up changed files once per day without this upgrade.
  • Sync Folder 5 GB – $15.95 – The sync feature will sync multiple computers to one sync file. Without this upgrade, the sync file is 1 GB.
  • Sync Folder 10GB – $49.95 – If 5 GB is not enough sync space, you can upgrade to 10GB.
  • Sync Folder Platinum 20GB – $97.95 – If 10 GB is not enough sync space, you can upgrade to 20GB.
  • Previous Versions Plus (unlimited) – $49.95 – With this upgrade, JustCloud will store every version of every file for as long as you have an account with them. Without this upgrade JustCloud will keep the latest 7 versions of a file.
  • Additional License – $29.95 – This upgrade allows you to add an additional license for an additional computer.
  • Recycle Bin – $7.95 – This upgrade allows you to restore a file that has been deleted from your backup if it has not been permanently erased.
  • Network Drive Support – $99.95 – This upgrade allows you to backup your personal network drive without the need for a business account.
  • Automatic Video Backup – $14.95 – This upgrade will automatically backup video files up to 1 GB in size. Without this upgrade, you have to manually select the video files to backup up to 10 GB.
  • 5GB Max File Size – $19.95 – This upgrade will automatically backup files up to 5 GB in size. Without the upgrade, you will have to manually select files between 1 GB and 10GB in size.


JustCloud offers a very reliable, multiple location storage of your data that can be scaled to your needs. The pricing structure is complicated, so it is best to study the features and prices as detailed above to determine what service level and what upgrades, if any, you need. I use JustCloud mainly for its reliability in protecting my data from system failure and hacking attempts.

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