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What Could Possibly Go Wrong with Data Backup?

Data Backup?  What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Catastrophic Data Failure

Catastrophic Data Failure

We all know that we should save our work and files as we go along and we should set our computers or download software to save our work automatically. We also all know that our hard drives can crash resulting in the possible loss of all our data. For this reason, we back up our data to CDs, DVDs and external hard drives. But, is this enough?
With our lives becoming digitized and with the volume of our data increasing with every passing moment, we should all stop and ask ourselves, “What could possibly go wrong with my data storage?” The obvious answer is, “Everything could go wrong with my data storage.” And pursuant to Murphy’s Law, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Eleven Things That Can and Will Go Wrong:

1. I can forget to save my data.
2. My data may not have actually saved to my method of storage as I thought it did.
3. My computer hard drive can crash and fail.
4. The format I used to back up my data can become obsolete and not accessible.
5. My CD or DVD can deteriorate and fail.
6. My external hard drive can crash and fail.
7. My data can be corrupted by various means including failed downloads or a virus.
8. My house or business could be destroyed by fire, flood, war or natural disaster.
9. My house or business could be burglarized.
10. I could lose my mobile backup devices while they are mobile.
11. My data can be stolen.

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