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Anti-Virus Review – BitDefender

BitDefender Total Security Review

This review will focus on the BitDefender Total Security package which is their top tier consumer package.  I believe it is important to compare apples to apples so to speak.  Therefore, in evaluating the performance of an antivirus package, it is important to compare all of the services and features offered in the top tier.

Three Tiers of protection for BitDefender consumers.

Antivirus Plus –                  $49.95

Internet Security –           $69.95

Total Security –                  $79.95

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BitDefender is ranked by most testing labs as the number one anti-virus package for 2014 and for good reason.  BitDefender offers the total package and there is no other software that offers the features it offers and blocks and removes malware like it does all in one package.  In my opinion, there are only two choices in anti-virus protection:  BitDefender and Webroot.  They both perform remarkably well in virus protection.  BitDefender offers the most services including computer system optimization and offers the consumer the best control over the features.  Webroot does what it does pretty much automatically and does it very well.

They are both very effective in blocking malware, removing malware, and protecting your private information.  You cannot go wrong with either BitDefender or Webroot, and no other software program can compare to these two.  Your decision as to which one to use comes down to personal preference and which tier of support you need.

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PROS of BitDefender Total Security:

  • AntiVirus – BitDefender antivirus provides a state of the art real time defense to malicious software like viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and rogue anti-viruses.  This can be set to auto scan or to manual scan.
  • Bit Defender SafePay – This allows you to conduct banking business in a secure browser to avoid anyone obtaining your banking information while transacting business online.
  • Bit Defender Autopilot – BitDefender autopilot allows BitDefender to run and perform its functions without approval by the user.  This can be turned on and off.
  • Anti-Spam – This filters emails from your inbox.
  • Privacy Control – The BitDefender privacy control module helps to keep your private information private while surfing the web including protecting you against phishing and fraud attempts.
  • Two Way Firewall – This firewall will protect your computer from both inbound and outbound unauthorized connection attempts.
  • Active Virus Controls – This scans files for malware-like actions to detect and prevent new malicious types of software.
  • Rescue Mode – If your computer is infected with a root kit that will not allow BitDefender to remove it, this mode allows you to boot the computer up in rescue mode.  Rescue Mode will then allow you to clean and restore your computer.
  • Vulnerability Scanner – This scans your computer to identity and fix vulnerabilities in your computer system.
  • Security Report – This is a weekly report of your scan status including recommendation on how to improve the security of your computer.
  • Security Widget – This is a widget that you can add to your desktop to give you quick access to BitDefender.
  • MyBitDefender Dashboard – You will have to set up your MyBitDefender account which gives you access to your MyBitDefender Dashboard.  You will control BitDefender activities, such as turning them on and off from this dashboard.
  • Remote Management – You can manage your computer remotely using your MyBitDefender account.
  • USB Immunizer -This feature allows you to immunize your jump drives so malware cannot use them to automatically launch.
  • Safego:  Social Network Protection -You can activate Safego to protect your information on social media networks.
  • Wallet – This is a password manager that you can use to manage all of your passwords.
  • Enhanced! Parental Control – This allows you to restrict access to the internet and specific applications.
  • Device Anti-Theft – This feature allows you to remotely locate, lock and wipe your laptop if it is stolen or lost.
  • AntiPhishing – This protects your personal information from Phishing.  You can turn this on and off.
  • Chat Encryption – You can set BitDefender to encrypt chat online so only the person with whom you are messaging can read what you are saying.
  • File Shredder – This allows you to permanently delete files from your computer.
  • File Encryption – This allows you to create encrypted, password protected vaults on your computer where you can store confidential information in encrypted form.
  • BitDefender Photon – This is a new technology that speeds up scanning activities of BitDefender by allowing it to adapt to your computer.
  • Tune-up – This module allows you to defragment your drives, optimize your registry, and clean up your PC.
  • BitDefender SafeBox – This is secure online server storage provided by BitDefender for you to back up your important files.
  • Detailed Guide – BitDefender’s detailed guide explain how to set and perform every function.
  • Business Solutions are available.

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CONS of BitDefender Total Security:

The only con to BitDefender is in comparison to Webroot Secure AnyWhere Internet Security Complete.  BitDefender is a larger software file and affects computer performance more than Webroot but not noticeably.  Both are excellent at blocking and removing malware, but in my opinion, WEBROOT is slightly better at blocking malware and BitDefender is slightly better at removing malware.  BitDefender on the other hand offers more features and you have more control over the features than Webroot.  No other anti-virus software programs comes close to performing as well as BitDefender and Webroot.

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