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Anti-Virus Review – Webroot

Secure Anywhere Review

In making a review of any computer security software, I always review the top level offered to consumers.  The top level has all of the features offered by the software.  I think it is the fairest way to compare price and features between software brands.  Once we understand the top level software, we can do a cost benefit analysis to determine if we want less service for less money, and if so, which brand offers me the most of what I want in my preferred price range.

Three Tiers for Consumers

There are three tiers of Webroot Secure Anywhere for consumers with the top tier being Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete.  They are listed below from lowest tier to top tier along with their retail price.

Secure Anywhere AntiVirus -                 $39.99

Secure Anywhere Internet Security Plus       $59.99

Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete       $79.99

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The number one consideration for me in choosing a computer anti-virus program is how effective is it at blocking malicious files and how fast it is.  I don’t want to have to delete the virus.  I want it to be blocked before it gets to my operating system.  In my opinion, Webroot is the best at blocking malicious files from infecting my computer.  It is lightweight, is always on, works automatically, and you get this with all three tiers of software.

I have used Webroot for four years and have not had a computer infected since I put Webroot on my computers.  The track record speaks for itself.

BITDEFENDER is my other favorite anti-virus and actually offers more services and more control over the features.  It has a well written guide to show you how to operate everything.  But it has not, in my opinion, proven to be as good as Webroot at blocking Malware, although it is very close.  Also, the extra services and more control makes for a larger software program that has more pull on the system operation than Webroot.  To some people, that is a better program.  For me, I like Webroot because it is lightweight, fast and very effective at blocking malware and I don’t have to worry about many settings or ever changing settings.  Everything pretty much works automatically.

You can’t go wrong with either or BITDEFENDER.  It comes down to what features you want in your anti-virus software.

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PROS of Internet Security Complete!

  • Always on Advance Threat Protection – This is program is always on and acts in real time to scan files for malicious characteristics, building a profile of each file, and once a file acts maliciously, Webroot stops it, deletes it and rolls back all of its settings.  PC Magazine tested this out at 100% effective at blocking malicious files.
  • Smallest software package – This software has the smallest computer footprint of any other antivirus software on the market.  It is the smallest sized program by much.  It loads the fastest, scans the fastest and is the most effective at blocking malware.  The program runs 24/7 protecting your computer and your identity and your computer will never lack in performance because of it.
  • Multi-Device Coverage – This program will work on desktops, laptops and smart phones.
  • Real Time Anti-Phishing  – Because this program is always on, it is also always scanning URL’s for malicious activity and stopping malicious attempts to gain your private information.
  • Identity Protection – This program works silently in the background protecting all of your private information like passwords and account numbers through encryption.
  • Firewall and Network Connection Monitor – Webroot does not offer a firewall, but it does monitor your computers firewall and network connection and very effectively.  I personally have to turn off antivirus provided firewalls anyway because they interfere with my computers reading the server.  I have the firewall on the server.
  • Password Management – Webroot secures smartphones and tablets.
  • Erases Online Activity – This program will wipe all online activity and make deleted files unrecoverable.  It will clean free space on your hard drive and clean your cache.
  • Automatic Backup – Webroot provides you with 25GB of secure online storage space to backup your computer files that can be accessed by mobile devices.
  • Business Solutions -  Webroot is available for businesses as well, from a small business to an enterprise.

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CONS of Internet Security Complete!

Limited Customization and No Guide or Manual – Everything runs automatically behind the scenes.  Unlike BitDefender, that allows you to customize every function, Webroot does it all for you.  For the average consumer, you never really know what it is doing and if it is doing what it is supposed to do.  However in four years, I have considered it a pro not a con because it has stopped every malicious attempt on my office computers during that four years and I do not have to worry about if the settings are set appropriately.  I never know it’s there until it blocks and eliminates something.

No Parental Controls

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