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Stop Intruders

Stop Intruders

According to the FBI, a burglary is committed about every 15 seconds in the United States.  34% of those are forced entries through the front door and 22% are forced entries through the back door.  Most forced entries are a result of the intruder kicking in the door.  It does not take much to kick in most doors, which typically rely on the lock bolt resting inside of a small bracket held onto the door jamb with small screws.

Armor Concepts offers and promotes EZ Armor, which is a door jamb reinforcement solution that makes most front and back doors extremely difficult to kick-in.  This is a quick easy to install door jamb reinforcement, which for the money is a small price to pay for security within your home.

A kick-in only takes about 10 seconds and no alarm system can stop it.  A door reinforced with EZ Armor will certainly drastically reduce the chance of a forced entry into your front or back door.


Ultimate Door Security installs in 30 minutes and secures door jambs, door locks and hinges.  It can be installed without removing trim and fits jambs of any thickness, and locks with any backset.  It comes with a lifetime warranty and only costs $69.00.

Economical Door Jamb Repair is designed to provide a quick and inexpensive door jamb repair to a door jamb that has been damaged.  Exterior jamb repair costs $39.00, mobile home jamb repair costs $44.00, and interior jamb repair costs $29.00.

The Ultimate Door Security & Jamb Repair Solution is recommended for professionals, builders, contractors, new builds, maximum security and extreme jamb repair.  Installation of this is not for the novice.  This product costs $99.00.


EZ Armor reinforces all of the key strike points on the door jamb, locks and hinges making a kick-in nearly impossible.

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