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MORzA Home Security System

MORzA Home Security System by Brickhouse Security

The Smart Home

The Smart Home


MORzA is the trademark of the home security system offered by Brickhouse Security.  The MORzA system is a state of the art monitored wireless home security system.  I like this system because it is 100% wireless and 100% cellular.  It comes pre-configured and is easy to install.  It is a fully integrated complete smart home system that can be operated from anywhere in the world where there is internet with your smartphone, computer or tablet.  For about $100.00 per month plus the discounted equipment cost, you can completely secure, operate and watch your home.


The price of the MORzA system depends upon the equipment you will purchase and the monitoring plan you will choose.  Brickhouse offers several basic equipment packages ranging in price from $99.00 to $579.00 if you agree to a three year monitoring service contract.  You can choose a shorter contract term but the equipment cost will be higher.  Because every home is different in size and number of entry points, you can call Brickhouse for a quote on a system that meets all of your needs.

There are three 24/7 monitoring plans.  Below is a summary of the monitoring and interactive plans that are available.  The services offered under a particular plan are available only if the equipment is purchased to support the service offered:

Silver Secure offers secure wireless central station monitoring, text and email alerts, and patented crash & Smash technology.  The price for this monitoring service is $29.99 per month under a 2 year contract.

Gold Interactive offers the same services offered by Silver Secure plus you can control your system from your smartphone, tablet or computer, location based alerts & controls, wireless image sensors, severe weather alerts, lifestyle scheduling and latchkey monitoring, and optional two-way voice communication.  The price for this monitoring service is $39.99 per month under a 2 year contract.

Platinum Video offers the same services offered by Gold Interactive plus you can view live video on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  The price for this monitoring service is $49.99 per month under a 2 year contract plus a video monitoring fee for up to eight cameras ranging from $9.99 per month for one camera to $44.99 per month for eight cameras.


Home Security System

Home Security System

As shown above, you can have a very basic system that provides 24/7 security for your home, you can have a complex system that provides interactive security, home automation, video monitoring and energy management, or you can customize your system to anything in between.

  1. Wireless sensors and cellular broadcast.  This system is 100 % wireless.  The sensors wirelessly communicate with the MORzA touchscreen control panel and the control panel communicates with the central monitoring station by cellular.  This means there is no need to install wiring in your home and no wires that can be cut by an intruder.  To read about the difference between a wired system and a wireless system, CLICK HERE.
  2. Crash and Smash Technology – When an intruder obtains entry into your home, there is typically a time delay of up to 1 minute to allow you to punch in the key to disarm the system.  Crash and Smash refers to an intruder crashing (or kicking in a door) and running to the control panel and smashing the control panel before the time expires to disarm the system.  A system with crash and smash technology sends a signal to the control station as soon as the entry is made and waits for a disarm.  If the disarm does not occur, the system assumes a crash and smash and alerts the authorities.
  3. No Key Fobs – MORzA does not use key fobs which can be a security breach.  You can set up your smartphone to handle all remote control of your system.
  4. No Pushy Salesmen – Everything is handled online or by phone and Brickhouse does not try to sell you what you do not need.
  5. 24/7 Monitoring Service – There are three levels of 24/7 monitoring depending upon what features you need ranging from $29.99 per month to $49.99 per month based upon a 3 year service contract.  MORzA can monitor entry, fire and carbon monoxide.
  6. Wireless Image alerts by instant text or email – You can receive instant text or email alerts of images taken by motion sensor imagers of activity within your home.
  7. Control Heating and Cooling remotely – You can set your heating and cooling from anywhere in the world through your smartphone, computer or tablet.
  8. Lock or Unlock doors remotely or program up to 30 custom entry keys – You can set a code for service technicians to use, or you can unlock the door remotely.  If you are not at home when someone needs to get in, you can unlock the door from anywhere in the world.  No more worrying about you or your family being locked out of your house.
  9. Control Lights and Appliances – You can set up critical appliances to be able to be turned on or off remotely like stoves, ovens and irons or you can set up appliances to turn on and off at certain times.
  10.  Panic Buttons – You can set up a panic button for the elderly or infirmed that can be worn on the wrist, neck or mounted anywhere to instantly alert emergency care.
  11. Live Video Surveillance – With this feature you can watch everything in your home as it happens.  You can watch your children enter the home or you can watch intruders.  This video is recorded and stored offsite so an intruder cannot erase or destroy your video archive.

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