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TASER StrikeLight

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Stunning Electricity

Stunning Electricity

TASER is well known for their TASER units that can shoot up to 15′ and by clicking on the link below, you can certainly buy their TASERS.  However, for those who do not want a TASER, but instead are interested in a high quality STUN GUN, I am recommending the TASER StrikeLight.  This is a heavy-duty aluminum body stun gun and flashlight.

This is a unique stun gun.  It is an LED flashlight, a stun gun, and it can be used to hit with, and each end has a claw like feature that can be used to twist into the attacker tearing skin while administering a very powerful jolt of electricity.


The price of the TASER StrikeLight is $129.00.  Keep in mind that this is a very high quality TASER product and is worth the money for several reasons including the battery system and the solid construction of the product.


1. The StrikeLight has an anodized aluminum body and battery cover with a high-strength polymer front lens holder.

2. The length is 8.2′ (which may make it too long to fit into a small purse) and it weighs 9.5 ounces which can be heavy. However, this device is designed to act as a stun gun, a flashlight and a hand to hand combat weapon.

3. The Strikelight is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Ion replaceable battery. This is a very significant feature. Most stun guns do not allow you to access the battery and use NiCad batteries, which do not hold a charge for very long. The StrikeLight uses a lithium ion battery, which holds a charge sufficient for 50 stun discharges. But, not only that, it will run on two CR 123 lithium ion batteries that you can purchase for under $2 each. That means you can keep these batteries handy and if your rechargeable battery runs out, you can pop out the rechargeable battery and pop in two CR 123 batteries in and you are immediately powered back up.

4. The flashlight feature is probably one of the biggest complaints of the StrikeLight. First, it is only about 80 lumens, so if you are used to your mega powerful 300 lumen flashlight, you may be a little disappointed in the flashlight. However, when you consider that you are not going to use this flashlight for a search and rescue mission and are going to use this flashlight to light your path in the dark, this flashlight is sufficient. Also, the more powerful the light, the quicker it will drain the batteries.

The second complaint about the flashlight is that the flashlight must be on to administer the stun. This does act as a safety mechanism so you do not stun yourself when the flashlight is off, but many voiced the concern that you may not want the light on to administer the stun as the attacker can see it in the dark. However, I think the idea behind the design anticipates that user of the devices walking with the light on to show the path. The average attacker may not view the flashlight as a stun device and you can use the light to shine in the attacker’s eyes to blind them before you stun them. The flashlight button and the stun button are on direct opposite sides of the flashlight body.

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Get your TASER C2 Gold Package Today!